From South Central L.A. to
Emergency Room Physician
Dr. Nestor S. Rodriquez
private school that exposed him to top notch teachers and fueled his interest in academics.  

Dr. Rodriquez's exceptional performance as a student would eventually merit him admission into the Ivy League doorsteps of Yale University,
where he studied molecular, cellular, and developmental biology. This title alone would seem to suggest that a high level of raw talent,
discipline and work ethic would be necessary for success.  The combination of these traits propelled his graduation from Yale with honors and
many academic awards.  

Growing up in South-central Los Angeles, where health insurance for many was an elusive luxury, Dr. Rodriquez remembers trips to the
emergency room with his younger sister, who faced medical emergencies. These interactions with the health care system sparked his interest
in becoming a doctor and serving his community through medicine. Consequently, Dr. Rodriquez applied for and was accepted into the
University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. He received his doctorate degree from that institution and was part of the first
class of the University of Wisconsin emergency medicine residency program, serving as the chief resident. While there he worked diligently to
promote diversity initiatives aimed at attracting minorities to the medical school. By 2010, Dr. Rodriguez became a faculty member of the
Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Wisconsin. He was awarded a faculty teaching award from the Council of Emergency
Medicine Residency Directors.

Dr. Rodriquez is now serving as a full time emergency room physician while operating a one-of-a-kind urban wellness center and medical spa
— Carbon World Health. Nestled on Madison's west side at 340 S. Whitney Way, Carbon World Health opened in September 2016. The niche
fitness center and medical spa is poised to change the way many of us view such facilities. In addition to providing a unique blend of services
and products, Carbon World Health also reaches out to low-income and students of color through mentoring and exposure to their wellness

Carbon World Health combines a hip ambience, the comforts of a medical spa, a fitness and training center with complementary medical
modalities delivered under the supervision of a locally trained medical director, Dr. Rodriquez, and medical spa director Ashley Greer. The
center touts itself as providing "lifestyle medicine" as well as a "holistic approach to fitness, health and beauty."  

There is an immediate warmness felt as you approach the airy reception area at Carbon World Health. You are greeted with a spirit of
inclusiveness by staff and providers who value the blue-collar aspiring athlete as much as the retired wealthy suburbanite.  This is true to one
of their missions of creating "a comprehensible lifestyle-changing facility that traditionally is only available for the professional athlete or
Hollywood star."

Offering the latest innovations, Carbon World Health invites potential clients to sign up for a complimentary consultation to discover the
services that best meet their needs. They offer an impressive list of quality services that rival any competitor in town, including cryotherapy,
injectable and IV vitamins and amino acids, medically supervised weight loss, vanquish body contouring, Botox and other cosmetic
injectables, and skin rejuvenation treatment.  On the fitness side, Carbon World Health offers motivated and upbeat fitness professionals and
trainers that guide clients through a "physician-supervised and scientifically-designed fitness program."

Outside of the office, Dr. Rodriquez is active with the Latino Professional Association of Madison.   Also, most would not know that he has a
penchant for dancing.  So while his work in the emergency room and running Carbon World Health keeps him plenty busy, he manages to bring
business, civic engagement and fun full circle, effortlessly.

Nia Trammell is a professional working in the legal field.
As a child, it may have seemed inconceivable that Nestor S. Rodriquez would grow up to be revered as
an award winning emergency room physician and a partner of a burgeoning wellness and medical spa
center in Madison, Wisconsin. In the 1980s, he was left in the care of his grandparents, while his mother
fled their war-torn homeland of El Salvador to seek more promising opportunities in Los Angeles,
California. Once she grounded herself in the city of angels, Dr. Rodriquez's mother eventually brought her
son to the United States.  

The social and economic outlook at the time Dr. Rodriquez arrived in Los Angeles was equally as bleak as
the country he was uprooted from. The city struggled with an unprecedented drug epidemic, its share of a
high concentration of poverty in ethnic communities and an environment that bred volatility in race
relations. He has not forgotten the riots that consumed Los Angeles after a high profile police beating of a
Black man in the 1990s. He also recalls reaching that proverbial fork in the road when confronted with
temptations to join gangs and sell drugs, or to remain on a straight and narrow path.

In the absence of a strong male role model, as he had no close relationship with his father, Dr. Rodriquez
was guided by the moral compass instilled by his mother and teachers that saw his potential. He chose
the straight and narrow journey, which earned him a scholarship to Loyola High School, a prestigious