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MAY 30, 2013

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Stories & Columns

Graduation at the University of
Wisconsin-Madison: True Grit and
By Jonathan Gramling

Graduation at Edgewood College:
World Wide Education,
By Jonathan Gramling

Simple Things: Omega,
By Lang Kenneth Haynes

Asian Wisconzine: Reconnecting
Generations through
Line Breaks,
By Marlon Eric Lima

Graduation at Madison College:
Against All Odds,
By Jonathan Gramling

Graduation at the University of
Wisconsin-Madison: Picture Perfect
By Jonathan Gramling

100 Black Men of Madison
Outstanding Educators and
Mentors Appreciation Breakfast:
Celebrating Best Practices,
By Jonathan Gramling

Lo que este Diploma Significa para
Ti, tu Familia y Nuestra Comunidad:
¡Felicidades A Los Graduados!
Por Salvador Carranza

UW AAP’s 2013 Graduates
Reception and Awards Ceremony:
Tears of Joy and Good-bye,
By Jonathan Gramling

Graduate Advice from Dr. John Y.
Odom: So, Commence!

2013 UW Odyssey Project
Graduation Celebration:
Rediscovering Their Voice,
By Jonathan Gramling

Graduation at the University of
Wisconsin-Madison: Dealing with
By Rocio Miranda-Solis

14th Annual Madison GEAR UP/EIP
Recognition Banquet: Whole Lot of
By Jonathan Gramling

UW PEOPLE Program Graduation
Celebration: Competitive
By Jonathan Gramling

Clarence Brown and Urban
Gardening: Gentleman Gardener
(Part 2),
By Jonathan Gramling

7th Annual All-City American Indian
& Alaskan Native Graduation: Core
Values to Live By,
By Jonathan Gramling

Women in Focus’ 2013 “I Have a
Dream” Scholarship Reception:
Making Dr. King’s Dream a Reality,
By Jonathan Gramling

2013 AVID/TOPS Class of 2013
Senior Celebration: Exponential
By Jonathan Gramling

Graduation at the University of
Wisconsin-Madison: Long Journey
to Excellence,
By Jonathan Gramling

Graduation at the University of
Wisconsin-Madison: Self-
By Rocio Miranda-Solis
Reflections/Jonathan Gramling
                         A Wonderful Celebration
What a crazy, fulfilling month it has been. Around the first week in April each year, an internal alarm goes off
inside of me, an alarm that’s been going off for the past 17 years or more.  It’s time to get the process going
for The Hues Row of Excellence. And so the MMSD administration develops a list of the students of color
who are graduating with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or greater and sends them out to the multicultural services
coordinators, which used to be called the minority services coordinators until their titles were changed a
few months ago,

And then for the next month, I work with these wonderful MMSD staff people to reach the students, take
their photos and get them to complete forms that tell us what they have accomplished and been involved
with. The process is like herding cats and I have to go out to each school 3-4 times until the process is done.
We work hard to — and I do mean we — get the students to respond so that the Hues Row of Excellence
reflects the achievement of students of color in Madison and the surrounding Dane County schools.

When I started this version of this honor in The Hues back in 2006, I think maybe 70 students were included.
This year, I am proud to say that we have over 250 students in the Hues Row of Excellence including a
number of 4.0 students and a whole lot of them with a 3.5 GPA or greater. Even last year, we “only had” 201
students participate.

While we almost always focus on the achievement gap — and we do have to get rid of it — we do have to
take a moment each year to celebrate the students who are achieving, who are reaching their potential, who
are going to colleges and universities and will be our leaders of tomorrow and will be instrumental in helping
our society to meet the challenges that are facing it.

So let’s celebrate these students. If you know them or meet them, congratulate them on their excellence and
become a part of the Village that they will need to be successful in higher education. Let them know that we
are proud of them.

When you look at these students, you realize they have a perfect storm for academic excellence going on.
First, they have incredible amounts of God given intelligence and talent.

Second, they have familial or programmatic supports in place that keep them on the straight and narrow path
to academic achievement. So many of them cite their parents and others who have been there every step of
the way. And there are programs out there that the students bring up over and over again: UW PEOPLE
Program, AVID/TOPS, GEAR-UP/EIP, the Information Technology Academy, the Madison Metropolitan Links
annual recognition and the Urban League Outstanding Young Person recognition. These are some of the
programs and community efforts that are giving students the skills to succeed and giving them the community
support an encouragement, telling them that it is cool to succeed. We need to keep putting these supports in
place so that more and more students of color experience a perfect storm of academic achievement.

Third, there have to be some incredible teachers out there in the schools that are giving the kids the kind of
instruction that allows them to develop to the point where they are already taking classes at UW-Madison
and other institutions. Some of them are highlighted in this paper courtesy of 100 Black Men of Madison. They
should feel good about these students reaching their full potential and then realize that they need to be
creative and resourceful in reaching the students who aren’t achieving.

On some levels, I don’t know what happened to the month of May, everything is a blur. In addition to The
Hues Row of Excellence, I have covered most of the celebrations of the achievements of students of color
that have been held on the high school and collegiate level. There are a whole lot of celebrations and a
whole lot of kids who are achieving and going on to the next level.

There was something like over 90 UW People Program high school graduates who were accepted into UW-
Madison, a record number and something like 84 of the students will be attending UW-Madison this fall. That
is wonderful news. The UW-Madison Information Technology Academy has 24 graduates — 100 percent of
the class — that is moving on to higher education and an astounding 16 of them will be attending UW-
Madison this fall. This is, I hope, a sign of things to come.

In this issue, we also have words of wisdom for our graduates from Dr. Salvador Carranza and Dr. John
Odom who have been advocating for Latino and African American students for many years.

And we also have words of advice from the UW-Madison, Edgewood College and Madison College students
whom we have written articles on in this issue. All of them have achieved academic success and discuss
their academic journeys. We can all learn from their journeys.

I don’t know if there is anything that I can say to the graduates other than to say keep trying, keep trying and
keep trying no matter how formidable the obstacles may be. There were several times that I thought this
issue wouldn’t happen and that I was not up to the task. Well I just had to stop listening to that voice of
negativity and focus on the students who appear in this issue. And what do you know. If you are reading
these words, it means I succeeded for the sale of these students, the goal of publishing this newspaper. In
the words of Jimmy Cliff, “You can get it if you really want. If you try, try and try, you’ll succeed at last.” Go
and be successful!
A Matter of Wellbeing
UW PEOPLE Graduates Choose Health Professions
Our Special

2013 Hues' Row of