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MAY 28, 2018
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By Jonathan Gramling
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                             The Struggle for Excellence

I have to admit that I am partial to Hollywood films about newspapers or whose major characters are newspaper
people. Probably my most favorite of the genre is True Crime starring Clint Eastwood who is given the job of doing
a feature piece on a man who is scheduled to be executed that night. And as Eastwood’s character reviews the
background for the story and talks to some of the witnesses, he comes to believe that the man is innocent and
races against the clock to prove the man’s innocence in spite of the fact that everyone believes the man is guilty
and won’t lift a finger to help him.

And so Eastwood is totally focused on the story in spite of the fact that he has gotten fired from the newspaper
because he didn’t just do a feature piece. His wife is leaving him because of his focus and his womanizing. His car
is breaking down as he races to the publisher’s house late at night with a witness who can prove the man’s
innocence. In short, the man’s whole life is crumbling around him as he stays focused on the story.

And he does get the execution stayed and he writes a possible Pulitzer Prize story and the man is freed. But
Eastwood’s life doesn’t come back together after the man is set free. And in the final scene, Eastwood and the man
with his family see each other from across an outdoor mall. And they look for a while and then nod. The man goes
off with his family. And Eastwood says, ‘And the cheese stands alone.’

I especially relate to that movie at this time of year. For about six weeks, I put my own life on hold to produce this
Graduation issue. There are a lot of moving parts to it with almost 400 students in the Hues Row of Excellence and
ads to be solicited and graduation events to cover and university graduates to cover. I must gather all of this
information and photos on everyone else’s time and so it demands my whole focus and time to get it done, while
also meeting the accounting needs of my non-profit neighborhood center customers.

And during this time, I have gone to one social event, had my car break down and got towed twice, once when it
broke down and once when the condo complex I live in had my loaner car towed because I didn’t have a sticker on
it. My landline has been on the blink and I haven’t been able to get it fixed. I had an argument with my son. I haven’
t seen friends, to speak of and I am probably overdue with most of my bills and my cell phone could get cut off
any minute because they misplaced my check. It seemed everyone was partying on Memorial Day except me.

I don’t write this to ask for pity. I don’t want it. It’s just the price that I have to pay for excellence and a price that
many others have to pay as well. Often times success doesn’t come without a price and the world and society don’
t move forward without success. Someone always has to pay the price.--