S.S. Morris Mother’s Day Brunch
Serving Up Good Feelings
By Jonathan Gramling

S.S. Morris AME Church on Madison’s east side is more than a church building and
services on Sunday. It is a community of friends as well as church members, always
looking out for each other. The men are especially thankful for the women in the church.

“The women of the church are supportive and have done so much for us, how could we not
tell them how much we appreciate them?” said Brother Donald Hogan. “We have some
great women in this church. They have a way of keeping us strong and keeping us going
and motivated. We just want to let them know that we are thankful for them.”

Hogan and Brother Wayne Daniels decided to organize a Mother’s Day brunch for the
women of the church.

“Well we started the event because we came up with the idea of the Kings of S.S. Morris
will cook for the Queens of S.S. Morris,” Daniels said. “So a group of the Brothers of the
church — Brother Holden, Brother Wayne Strong and a few others — decided a menu that
we would put together. We decided the motif for the event and here it is. We had a little bit
There’s a kitchen called Ruthie’s Kitchen. She cooks confetti potatoes
much better than I do. It’s going to be a restaurant. Right now, it’s just a
catering business called Ruthie’s. She put together the confetti potatoes.
She also made the quiche and a shrimp sauce for our grits or rice. I can’t
take credit for that. I did the red beans and rice from a Cajun recipe.”

To complete the event, the men hired a professional photographer to
take photos on a throne that the men had made. The women left the
brunch feeling like royalty. And the Brothers felt proud of the honor they
had bestowed on the Queens of S.S. Morris AME Church that day.
of fellowship. We had a few words from a few people, Carolyn
Stanford Taylor and a few others.”

As with any event at S.S. Morris, there was plenty of food to go
around and then some. And it was a lot more than eggs and
toast with a full menu put together by the men and a little help
from their friend.

“We had chicken, grits, quiche, red beans and rice and confetti
potatoes,” Hogan said. “Confetti potatoes is a dish of potatoes I
made. I cut the potatoes up and include red and green peppers,
and special sauce and seasonings. I call it confetti potatoes. It
has a very nice appearance to it.