A Constitutional Crisis in the Making
The Mueller Report is finally in. Now what?

The report found no direct evidence that trump’s campaign colluded with the Russian government during the 2016 presidential election. Ditto
on evidence that trump obstructed justice. However, there was no exoneration on either.

Most of what is in the 400+ page report had been covered by investigative news outlets in real time over the last nearly two years. Some
hoped for a harsher reckoning based upon trump’s dealings. The conclusion in my network:  If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’
s a damn duck!

The report by special counsel Robert Mueller and his team stopped short of determining that 45 colluded with the Russians or obstructed
justice. Let’s not forget the investigation led to the indictment of 34 individuals and three Russian enterprises. Those indictments resulted in
seven guilty pleas of trump cronies and four people looking at or doing prison time. A lot of lying is going on by a lot of people in high places
to hide what’s going on.

Mueller took his part as far as he could legally, but trump’s problems aren’t over. There are  ongoing investigations into a myriad of trump
mis-dealings from his foundation to his taxes. The U.S. House of Reps is going hard against the prez and the bulldogs at the South District of
New York will prove that their bite is worse than its bark.
The Naked
by Jamala Rogers
While all this is going on, it’s time for a mass civic lesson to educate
people about the U.S. Constitution and what is supposed to be checks
and balance by the three branches of government. People need to know
that this is not just a national hatin’ on trump campaign. If the orange
man gets his way, this delicate democracy will never be the same.  And
trump will crown himself King.

I believe we are at the door of a constitutional crisis when the president
engages in all forms of abuse of the office, teetering on criminality. The
president has rebuked the authority of the other two branches of
government — the Congress and the Judicial Branch.  Obstruction?

The abuses of power and corruption in the trump administration have
been relentless. Many constitutional scholars believe that some of these
fall under the impeachment scope of “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats have been reluctant to go
down the impeachment road fearing political backlash at the 2020 ballot
box. This cannot be about political expediency. We cannot make this
about convenience or financial costs or partisan retaliation. The division
between impeachment proponents and opponents must reflect this

This country is at a serious crossroads, our democracy is in the
balance. Most of us — including elected officials — don’t know much
about this country’s history or its founding documents. It’s never too
late to learn. It’s always the right time to stop the making of a dictator.