Delicious Mexican Dining
El Pastor is one of the many authentic, traditional Mexican restaurants in Madison.   El Pastor on Park Street has an adequate sized dining area
with an adjacent bar that serves jumbo margaritas and an array of Mexican beers. The restaurant is well kept and clean. We were greeted
immediately and our server was knowledgeable and took our special requests graciously. There was charming Mexican music playing
throughout the restaurant with smells of delicious food.

We ordered a torta de jamon (Mexican sandwich with ham), enchiladas de mole con pollo (chicken enchiladas with mole), barbacoa (lamb),
and tacos de lengua y pastor (tacos with tongue and pork). All of the food came hot and the way we ordered it. The barbacoa and enchiladas
had great tenderness and flavor. The torta includes lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese, beans, and sour cream making it more than just a ham
sandwich! The tacos were delicious as the meat was well seasoned topped with onions and cilantro. The homemade salsa served with the
meals had a rich smoky flavor from chipotles but not too spicy. There are many other delicious traditional house specialties such as a variety
of caldo (soup) and mojarra frita (an entire fish that is fried whole).  Open for almost 20 years, El Pastor provides more than enough options for
everyone to experience delicious, authentic Mexican food to their liking.