Boys & Girls Club of Dane County - Allied
Teens Conduct Trash Audit of
Allied Neighborhood
Front Row: Tenzin Chonzin (Sophomore, East High) (l-r), Mayra Ceballos
(Sophomore, East High), Benigno Barrera (Junior, East High), Jose Manjarrez
(Junior, East High), Teresa Rosas Mora (Junior, East High), Jennifer Arroyo
(Junior, East High), Zabrina Bernal (Junior, LaFollette High), Emily Baumann
(Freshman, UW Madison) Back Row: Sina B. Davis (Co-chair, Allied Area Task
Force) (l-r), Lucas Boyle (Senior, UW Madison, Co-Chair of REthink Madison),
Frank Kooistra (Sustainability Operations Coordinator, UW Madison) Not
Pictured: Joe Maldonado (TOPS College Continuation Manager, Boys & Girls
Club of Dane County), Susan Corrado, (Project Coordinator, Allied Wellness

From the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County

In collaboration with UW Madison and the Allied Cooperative, the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County
is conducting a trash audit of the Allied Drive neighborhood. Seven teens from the AVID/TOPS
Program at East High School and LaFollette High School, along with UW-Madison staff and students,
several community leaders, and Boys and Girls Club staff, visited Avalon Madison Village, an
apartment complex on the Southwest side of Madison. Students and staff sorted through a garbage
dumpster, which contained about 85 pounds of material. In just over an hour, the group sorted and
weighed to determine what could have been diverted from landfills by being recycled or composted.
The results? In the medium sized apartment complex, there are two trash dumpsters and one
recycling dumpster that are emptied weekly. After sorting through half of one dumpster, separating
trash from recyclables and compostables and weighing 85 pounds of material, students found that
40% of the “garbage” could have been recycled or composted. The group will present these findings
to apartment residents, along with a recycling educational chart, and conduct a follow audit a month
after the initial audit to measure progress.

The event was held Tuesday, April 24th from 4:00-6:00pm at the Allied Boys and Girls Club on 4619
Jenewein Road.

The event is part of a larger Green initiative on behalf of the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County to
practice ecological sustainability. BGCDC is partnering with Sustain Dane’s MPower Business
Champions Program to develop goals to reduce energy usage and waste, and to educate
employees, families and kids.