Enter Another World at Buraka
Buraka provides a warm, comforting, authentic Ethiopian experience. Buraka, previously located on State Street and then operated as a food
cart, has now relocated at 1210 Williamson Street.  Buraka offers seating at the bar, booths, quiet table seating, as well as patio seating.
Buraka is clean, warm, and inviting with colorful art and décor throughout the bar area. There are two televisions in the bar area with Ethiopian
music playing in the background.  All of the staff were warm, inviting, and knowledgeable about the food, giving great recommendations based
on the customer’s preferences.

There are many original drinks served from the bar such as ‘Dark and Stormy’ made from black rum and ginger beer.  The Samosas had a
unique blend of traditional seasonings, served with the house sauce that provides a spicy kick to the delicious appetizer. A crisp, fresh salad
was served before each entrée. Buraka offers a combination dish that allows customers to pick and choose two dishes served on one plate.   
Misirwot, a vegetarian option served with a lamb dish, Begwot was served over Injera (Ethiopian sourdough flatbread).  Both dishes were
unique in rich flavor, not too spicy but full of flavor. Misirwot had small chunks of tender, flavorful lamb that left me wanting more. Misirwot
had berbere as the main seasoning. Berbere is a common sauce used in Ethiopian cooking made from a dark red blend of sun-dried chilies,
ginger, garlic, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves, cumin, coriander and other spices.  Finally, the Chicken Peanut Stew served over rice used popular
Ethiopian spices yet highlighted the peanut flavor of the dish. There are gluten free and vegetarian options available making Buraka a crowd
pleaser. Buraka makes their own Injera which customers can purchase in bulk.  For a warm, inviting experience, Buraka transports you into
another place serving hearty food and great drinks.