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APRIL 30, 2018
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t is going to be such an awful temptation today. Technically, it’s been spring since late March, but it has felt like
winter for most of April as we received several snowfalls. I read where farmers haven’t been able to plant their
crops because the ground has been so darn cold. I’ve had a lot of work to do and I haven’t minded it too much
since the weather outside wasn’t exactly inviting me to spend vast amounts of time outdoors.

But it sure is tempting on this last day of April with the temperature expected to hit the mid seventies and there is no
rain in the forecast. I would love to be out there in a short-sleeve shirt and sandals. It sure is tempting and it is
doubly so as an entrepreneur. On most days, while I have a full load and then some — I worked 12-hour days on
Saturday and Sunday — I still have control over how I spend my time. And perhaps I would steal some time to bask
in the sun, but I have a 4 p.m. press deadline and if I don’t meet it, The Hues won’t come out until Wednesday at
the earliest.

And so, like most other people, I will enjoy the warm weather from behind some glass windows and day dream on
occasion on what it would be like to just sit there and soak the rays up. Welcome spring! And don’t quickly turn into
the heat of summer. Let us enjoy you for a while.--
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