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APRIL 30, 2015

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Jonathan Gramling
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Reflections/Jonathan Gramling
                                                   Be Cool and Be True!
In our last issue, we launched the “We ALL Benefit When BLACK LIVES MATTER” advertising campaign in collaboration with 100 Black Men of
Madison, Urban League of Greater Madison, Boys & Girls Club of Dane County, NAACP Dane County Branch, Young Gifted & Black Coalition, the
African American Communication and Collaboration Council and Madison Magazine. It was done with the fine work of Jerome Flowers and
Trevor Banks.

While we launched it in our April 16th issue, Madison Magazine is featuring it in their May 2015 issue and it will be connected to Trevor Banks’
video on YouTube,
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aP8PF93hK6o. It is very cool!

This isn’t a big Madison Avenue kind of advertising campaign. There is no advertising budget. So far, it has been made possible through the
generosity of Madison Magazine and The Capital City Hues. And it will go as far as the people of the Madison area and beyond want it to go. This
is truly a grassroots campaign.

So far, indications are very good that the campaign has been well received. Our April 16th issue, the one with Jerome Flowers on the cover,
has disappeared from the news stands even though we distributed 100-200 more than usual. I posted the ad on Facebook two weeks ago and
curiously, it had 18 Likes and 45 Shares. Most of the Shares were people whom I could not see because they had their privacy setting on. So
this ad on Facebook is traveling in many places I do not know and who knows how many times it has been Shared and Shared again. How cool
is that? I hope someday, it circulates right back at me.

I also got a request from one individual for me to e-mail her the ad so that she could post it on Facebook. If you want to post it on Facebook or
print it in your organization’s newsletter, just e-mail me at gramling@capitalcityhues.com and I will reply to your e-mail and attach the ad. And if
your organization wants to be a non-financial sponsor of the ad, just e-mail me your logo. Let’s keep reminding each other that We ALL Benefit

Perhaps even before you read this column, Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne will have issued his decision on whether or not to
charge Officer Matt Kenny with a crime for the shooting death of Tony Robinson on March 6. The Madison area has been bracing and preparing
for the decision, no matter which way it goes. There will be people deeply disappointed and angry about Ozanne’s decision, no matter which way
it goes down. I wish him much wisdom in his deliberations.

No matter what happens, people need to be cool and be non-violent. There are two tragedies that have happened in Baltimore recently. The first
was the death of Freddie Gray while he was in police custody. We need many answers to the many incredulous questions that we have about
the circumstances of his death.

But the second tragedy is the violence that has happened in inner-city Baltimore, an area that was climbing out of the negative economic
consequences of the rioting in the 1960s when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Nearly 50 years later, this economically depressed
area was climbing out the damage caused by those riots. And now it — and its African American citizens — is being pushed back down into
economic decline by these violent protests and looting.

Whenever this type of violence occurs, it is Black people who lose out in the end. The majority of people who die are Black. The people who
lose their jobs and access to fresh and healthy food are Black. Anyone who believes that BLACK LIVES MATTER will not participate in this
violence and destruction. They will adhere to the non-violent philosophy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and push for change.

Being non-violent doesn’t mean being passive and accepting whatever is handed down to you. Non-violence means being proactively engaged
to right a social wrong. Non-violence means that Young Gifted & Black Coalition, the newly-formed Black Leadership Council and others will
work tirelessly to make people aware of the underlying conditions that negatively impact Black youth and then seek effective solutions to
eliminating those conditions. This is hard, long-term work that we all must be engaged in.

So be true to Dr. King’s message. Be non-violent, but don’t rest until the social wrong has been righted. Reject those who would cause violence
for their own selfish purposes at the expense of the community. Make Tony Robinson’s life matter!
The College Graduates of the