Faith Over Fear
"Fear knocked at the door. Faith answered. No one was there." — English Proverb
Given the chilling effectiveness of the Covid -19 virus to hunt down and sicken or kill human beings, we are all a bit skittish. Hell, forget skittish, the
fact is that we are all scared. It is not just this killer virus that frightens us. The uncertainty is equally menacing and foreboding. We keep asking
ourselves and others, when will this end? So far, our best and supposedly most brilliant minds are stumped.

Every day, we are deluged with theories and so-called potential cures, as we sit in quarantined homes and apartments. Still, the body count keeps
ticking up. Anxiety is rampant. Political rhetoric is more divisive than unifying. Finger pointing has replaced collaboration. Suffice it to say that there is
enough blame to go around when it comes to the delay in government response to this killer. It is like watching a thief rob your neighbor’s home and
your response being too bad for them.

Because of the nature of the world today, our global neighbors are much closer than we imagine. Distance is no longer the protective barrier it once
was before jet planes shrunk it. One week a person is on the ground in some foreign land doing business and the next week back at home in the
US. Upon return to our home country, we bring back not only pictures of exotic landmarks but also whatever germs resident to that country. Today’s
world is one big petri dish full of nasty microorganisms.  Money, goods and germs move swiftly across the World. The pandemic is here, like it or not.
So, what can be done as we watch our relatives, friends and fellow countrymen die and suffer?

Well, first, l would ask that we de-politicize this scourge. At this point, trying to pin the blame on some country or some other political party is a waste
of time, energy and effort that could be used to curtail or stop the carnage. As I stated earlier, there is enough blame to go around. Once we, as a
planet, get a grip on how to slow down and eventually stop this insidious killer, we can and should get to the bottom of its origin. Secondly, quit
monetizing this tragedy by treating it like a ratings sweep for the media. We the people, for sure, are watching and reading about the devastation.
However, what is needed is not sensationalism but useful and applicable information. Please stop with the celebrity talking heads. Admittedly, the
media has been helpful in keeping us abreast of whatever progress being made. Still, the media could do a better job of sorting through the BS that
only drives ratings, increases fear/anxiety and further division among us. We now realize that Covid-19 was not a hoax perpetrated to gain a political

If we are to survive and arrest this killer (and we will), we must suspend our inclination to politicize everything. I truly believe we Americans have both
the will and skill to blunt this cursed virus. If we don’t stop this nefarious in-fighting, not only will our economy continue its downward spiral, but also
our way of life will be irreparably altered for the worst. If there is a silver lining in all of this it is that we are being forced to slow down, reflect and re-
order our priorities. We must come to grips with the fact that while humans may have dominion over the planet, nature or a higher source has the
ultimate power. In closing, “that’s all I got to say about that” (apologies to Forrest Gump).
Kwame Salter