Vol. 13    No. 8
APRIL 16, 2018
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                                               Election Thoughts

For the past several months, I have felt like someone with a secret and I have been sworn to secrecy until after the event has past.
And so, you almost feel like an overfilled balloon ready to pop, but you have to stay quiet.

Since January, I have been the treasurer of Gloria Reyes’ campaign for the Madison Metropolitan School District board. And when
Gloria approached me about being the treasurer, I was flattered because one usually recruits a well-known name to take on the
treasurer position and by the way, I am a darn good non-profit accountant in my other life.

And so before I accepted, I told Gloria that either the non-profit side of me was going to be involved or the newspaper editor side
would, but not both. She chose the non-profit accountant side, which meant that I had to bend over backwards to make sure that the
school board race coverage was fair to all involved. I wasn’t going to use The Hues in that way. And so there was no personal profile
of Gloria in The Hues or even a mention that she was a candidate other than one story written by Hedi Rudd of the GRUMPS candidates
forum and the answers to a questionnaire submitted to Anna Moffitt and Gloria. There were three ads published in The Hues. They were
fully paid for by Gloria’s campaign and were pushed by someone not associated with The Hues. It was important to keep everything

It was a lot of fun to be engaged in this almost David and Goliath campaign where Gloria was up against an incumbent who had more
resources — human and financial — because of endorsements by organizations where the endorsement came with resources. We ran
the campaign on about $15,000.

There was a group of about five of us who would meet at Gloria’s house on Saturday afternoons to plot strategy and plan events. And
then there were a few of us who did the work. We did recruit volunteers for phone calling and leaflet distribution on one weekend. But
that was about it except for the tenaciousness that Gloria had as a candidate, putting endless hours in and dealing with setbacks that
sometimes almost doomed us to defeat. But Gloria kept her head up and plugged away no matter what the odds were.--