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APRIL 16, 2015

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Jonathan Gramling
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Reflections/Jonathan Gramling
                                              A historic  moment
Before I get started, I just want to note that in our last issue, I inadvertently left off the last name of James Edward Mills in attributing an article
written by him and Norma Gallegos titled Balance Tierra in our April 2, 2015 edition. Thank you James for the great article!


It was with baited breath that many of us watched the election results on April 7 for it seemed that there had never been so much at stake in
this local election. As expected, Mayor Paul Soglin won very handily and will serve another four-year term. Mayor Soglin has been the most
dominant public figure in Madison since the early 1970s. We wish him well as he seeks to contend with the very real urban problems that
Madison faces.

Back in our February 5th issue, we featured 13 people of color who were running for local elective office. Of those 13 people, eight were
elected on April 7. We honor the five who didn’t get elected — Richard Brown, Tia Eady, Linda Franklin, Peng Her and Zyronia Mims. Thank you
for jumping into the public arena and helping to frame the public discourse on the issues that our communities face.

Of the eight who were elected, three were incumbents: Madison Alders Maurice Cheeks and Siva Bidar and Fitchburg Alder Jason Gonzalez,
Congratulations on your reelection.

The remaining five successful candidates accomplished firsts for the Madison area. Newly elected alders Sheri Carter and Barbara McKinney
are the first African American women elected to the Madison Common Council. As Judith Davidoff pointed out on WORT radio, Milwaukee
elected Vel Phillips as an alder in the 1950s and wondered what took Madison so long.

Alder-elect Samba Baldeh is the first African immigrant to be elected to any body in Dane County that I can remember and certainly the Madison
Common Council. I know members of the African Association of Madison are very proud of Samba.

In my recollection, Julia Arata-Fratta is the first Latina elected to the Fitchburg Common Council. I know that she will use her business
expertise to help small businesses of color be a part of Fitchburg’s economic growth.

And finally, Marilyn Ruffin became the first African American elected to Sun Prairie’s school board. She has been working on education issues
for years and so it is nice to see such a knowledgeable person get elected to public office.

Especially on the Madison Common Council where five alders of color will serve, this is what democracy looks like. We know these elected
officials will serve ably and proudly. We wish them well in their future endeavors!
Newly elected officials: Front -Barbara McKinney (l-r) Julia
Arata-Fratta, Sheri Carter
; Back - Shiva Bidar (l-r) Marilyn Ruffin, Samba
Baldeh, Maurice Cheeks;
Not present - Jason Gonzales
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