Vol 14 No. 7
April 8, 2019
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by Heidi M. Pascual
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by Jonathan Gramling      
It’s a New Day
Well the smoke has cleared from the sometimes hotly debated spring elections and it seems that the
voters — with the exception of the Wisconsin Supreme Court race — seemed to be voting for
change. Two incumbent mayors, Madison Mayor Paul Soglin and Fitchburg Mayor Jason Gonzalez
were both soundly defeated.
While Gonzalez had some ethics issues that were rehashed from about 10 years ago that pretty much doomed his race, especially in the Me
Too era, he had also been severely criticized for his leadership style in handling the funding of the Boys & Girls Club several years ago. When
News Briefs:
*Work Zone Awareness Week Promotes Highway
afety--From WisDoT
*Go Green with Green Power Tomorrow--From MGE
*United Way Invests More Than $19.5 Million
--Investments Will Strengthen Community Partnerships
and Stabilize Local Families
you are perceived to be practicing bad behavior, people don’t forget, especially when they are the object of the bad behavior.

I think Paul Soglin pretty much doomed himself last summer when he announced that he wasn’t running for Madison mayor in 2019 because he was running for
Wisconsin governor at the time. He had actually praised Satya Rhodes-Conway and in essence, endorsed her candidacy. It was only after he lost the governor primary
that he later changed his mind and decided to run for Madison mayor once again.

But it’s hard to backtrack on that type of sequence of events. While running for mayor or any political office has to involve some level of ego to protect oneself from
the slings and arrows of outrageous politics, people also feel that they want a political leader with vision that doesn’t necessarily involve their own personal interests.
They want to believe that their candidate is for the greater good — in their own unique ways and philosophies — and not to assuage their own ego. With Paul deciding
to run again after anointing Satya and then losing the governorship, it left Paul too open to the feeling that his candidacy was about him. Since Paul supported Satya,
others went with her too. When I looked at the campaign finance reports of Satya, I noticed a bunch of former Paul Soglin supporters.--