A Life Well Lived

When we have out lived the fantasies of life, we just live. We may not be among the
chosen few, but still here and not there.  No longer in the rhythm of a hurried life, but
a life that brings forth its own season; memories fade and new adventures emerge
that's when we know we are among the living.

Greater are the harvest from its long outcome, life does come to an end, but the
seeds planted are still reaping harvest. The absorbent and fertile ground of young
minds has substance, beauty and charm, gently we must keep nurturing so they can
grow and go.

Life's transient past of experiences and acquired wisdom is earned and not taught,
curves and bumps sometime obstruct the view or forces us to change our tide wind.
We learn to celebrate and dance to its defeats and find the hidden message
forbidding further flights.

The many paths walked and the hills climbed never made us retreat, there are no
limits only obstacles and they are few. Dreaming is a way of life, but reality is real
and indispensable.

Filling the darkness with hope, love and the warmth of light makes our light shine
with rewarding promise.

Not looking to exchange yesterday for today, but to sing a new song from a ranking
tongue. Logic is sometimes misunderstood; change can be sluggish in movement
but old habits are hard to break. The streets of knowledge and wisdom are never
over crowded, be ready for its lingering under the blanket of living.

Never hidden in its conclusion; a life well lived always has meaning …

Written by I. P. Hill-Simmons