West High School Present The Bear Clan
Singers and Dancers:
A Whirl of Meaning
On March 27, the West High School
Native American Student Association
sponsored a performance by The Bear
Clan Singers and Dancers, a troupe of
Ho-Chunk professional entertainers, in
the school’s auditorium. As a student
talked to his dad about the different
American Indian dances such as Grand
Entry, Snake Dance and Swan Dance,
dancers would take to the stage and
perform the dance that the young student
and his father had just discussed.  
The dancers were beautifully dressed
and very skilled at the dances they
performed as they whirled across the
stage in an almost blur of motion and
color. Rick Cleveland Sr. led his children,
sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews
and guest dancer Tim Fish through a
wonderful two hours of dance and song.

It was an educational moment for
everyone in the audience, a very
entertaining one at that.