Vol. 11    No. 6
MARCH 17, 2016
Reflections/Jonathan Gramling
                                                  Happy to Still Be Here!
I guess we can say it’s official. The Capital City Hues is 10 years old. I just looked at the clock and due to a delay in production, we are actually
coming out on March 22, 2016, exactly ten years to the day that our first issue came out. And as I looked at photos from the past 10 years, I found
myself saying, ‘It can’t already be four years since that happened.” But it has. Time marches on and the older you get, the faster it seems to march.

People often ask me how I keep up the pace — and there are times like early this morning that I have to wonder it myself. But there are several
reasons for it. One is that I have been keeping a hectic, almost frantic pace since I was in grade school and delivered newspapers before I went
to school each day. Like an Olympic athlete, you don’t just start doing something at a high performance. You have to train and build up to it over
many years.

It would have been difficult, if not impossible, to start The Hues in 2006 without the assistance of Heidi Pascual who lived here in Madison for the
first four years of The Hues. When the Great Recession drove her back to The Philippines in 2010 — she is still our webmaster — I didn’t know
how I was going to be able to do The Hues alone. And I prayed and prayed for strength and guidance and then I realized that God is always with
us if we believe and have faith — and is there with us when we don’t have faith as well.

I also realized that I was not alone. While physically, yes I was just about the only person working on the paper and I was working hard every day
to keep things going — and working other jobs to keep my finances going — I was not alone. In addition to my wonderful 10 partners who
invested in this dream, there are also the communities of color who have been my partners. The Hues is a collaboration with the Madison area’s
communities of color. When I said, “I have done nothing, but we have accomplished a lot” when receiving the Whitney Young award from the
Urban League of Greater Madison, it wasn’t hyperbole. It was the truth. If it weren’t for the grassroots support that The Hues receives, it would no
longer be in existence. Our communities are the wind beneath my wings.

And so, it has been 10 years. As a retro nod to 10 years ago, our cover story is on Mother Jackie Wright who was featured on our first cover in
2006. Also part of that first issue was an interview with Shree and Lakshmi Sridharan about Madison’s Indian community. We also have a
column in Spanish from Alfonso Zepeda-Capistrán who had a column in that first issue. And we also celebrate with photos from our first 10 years
of publication.

And in order to truly celebrate our 10 years of publication, we are hosting The Hues 10th Anniversary Celebration: Celebrating the Madison Area’s
Communities of Color on Sunday, June 26th on the grounds of the Labor Temple on S. Park Street. There is going to be eight hours of cultural
performances, food, graphics and more. Tickets are $20 per person. We have 17 wonderful sponsors whose contribution will help make this a
wonderful day of celebration. An ad with more detail and a ticket order form is on Page 2. Please consider coming for The Capital City Hues would
not be here today if it were not for you!

The following are some kind comments that people have written about The Capital City Hues’ first 10 years.

Agnes Cammer - Jon! Thank you for all your beautiful and worthy contribution to promote cultural diversity in our community.

Bill Franks - A week or two without a Hues is like a day without sunshine.

Nia Trammell - Congratulations Jon! Your work adds beautifully to the cultural tapestry of our city!

Becky Green - Congratulations on 10 years, Jonathan! You are appreciated!

Mona Adams Winston - Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary. I have always enjoyed reading "The Hues", but even more so since my move
to Mississippi almost three years ago. Even though I have started a new phase of my life by living here, I still call Madison home. It's wonderful
to read about all the people I know and the events that are going on in our Beloved Community. I know you have made "The Capital City Hues"
your business, but you put your heart and soul in it. I know it has become a very important part of your life.

Enis Ragland - Congratulations on 10 years of service to Madison and Dane County residents through the Capital City Hues.  You and the Hues
continue to be one of our city’s most valuable assets.  The Hues truly represents the diversity of cultures that contribute to what makes Madison
a unique and livable City. I always enjoy reading the Hues and learning more about our community and the individuals and organizations that
impact our lives in ways we would be unaware of without the Capital City Hues. Thank you for all you do and for the Capital City Hues. Let’s do
this again at the 20 year anniversary!

Dionte Prewitt - Congratulations on the 10th Anniversary Issue of the Hues!!! I am so grateful to be able to read great articles, get useful
information, and learn meaningful lessons from the paper that provides good news for ALL of the Madison Community! We love the Capital City
Hues! PEACE!

Phil Haslanger - Ten years? Really? Ten years? What a valuable resource The Capital City Hues is for our community, shining a light on the rich
tapestry of people who live here and providing space for a diversity of voices to speak to the community. Lots of hard work, lots of photos, lots of
writing — and we all are the better for it. Thanks so much.

James Danky - I was with you for the first issue and continue to turn to the Hues to discover what is happening in multicultural Madison. All the

Hatheway Hasler - We celebrate your ten years of determination and devotion to the HUES. We see you at every appropriate meeting in town —
photographing — writing pages and pages — working through the night to pull off the triumph that is yours! Cheers and thanks go to you for this
fine gift to our community. Thank you.

Shree Sridharan - One of the challenges was to not only expose our kids to our culture, but to also expose the community to our culture, music
and achievements. I have to recognize both Asian Wisconzine and The Capital City Hues because these publications have done a great deal. You
have taken the trouble of attending these events, taking superb pictures and also writing stories so that Madison and Wisconsin readers were
exposed to what we are doing here in Madison. We want to happily thank you for that. I’m not surprised you are celebrating your 10th anniversary
that started as a small affair and is now well-known to everyone.

Lakshmi Sridharan - I do want to congratulate Capital City Hues for its 10th anniversary and I do know you have gone through the most difficult
time in this country where it was almost a depression and you survived. Now that the economy is improving, I have no doubt that it is going to
flourish from now on. And I do appreciate you publishing this biweekly newspaper and I look forward to looking at what is going on in the Asian
American, African American, and Latino communities and I love to see those pictures of events, which tell me exactly who is who and all of that.
And I do appreciate you printing part of Asian Wisconzine.