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by Jonathan Gramling      
by Heidi M. Pascual
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                                    Celebrating Women
The Naked
by Jamala Rogers
Vol. 14    No. 5
MARCH 11, 2019
Ensuring Quality Services
by Fabu
I must begin this issue celebrating Women’s History Month by saluting our own female writers and contributors who
play an important role in making The Capital City Hues what it is. Jamala Rogers, Fabu, Sujhey Beisser and Donna
Parker make wonderful contributions as writers. Last year, Hedi Rudd came on board as our staff writer, reliably
submitting three articles per issue, taking a lot of pressure off of me. And then there is Heidi Pascual who has been with
us since the beginning as a partner and associate editor. Since 2011, she has been our webmaster and editor of our
Happenings page and formats our classified ads. I couldn’t do the paper without the important contributions of these

And speaking of contributions, Donna Parker always brings a special touch to her column Art of Life by also creating an
illustration that reflects her column. About two weeks ago, Donna sent me the illustration that accompanies this column
and asked if I could use if for our Women’s History Month issue. I immediately responded saying, “YES!” It’s a
beautiful illustration that serves as a reminder that all women have made great contributions to our society. Thank you
Donna Parker!

These are fascinating times we live in as we go through a cultural transformation with the Me Too movement. Me Too
has illustrated as a national community the pervasiveness of sexual harassment and sexual assault across the board with
U.S. Senator Martha McSally (D-AZ) the latest to talk about how she had been sexually assaulted.--