Creatively Letting Your Heart
Editor’s Note: Each year, the Madison Alumnae Chapter of the
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority holds a creative writing contest for
African American students in Madison area high schools. The first,
second and third place winners were presented at the Urban
League of Greater Madison’s King Holiday Youth Recognition
Breakfast held at Edgewood High School on January 14th. The
following are the winning creative writing pieces.
                       (Leader In Training)                
                           By Jaleah Hunt

I'm a Leader In Training, because I know
 Shabaka Nubian Yl Is my daddy,
I'm not proud to say that but it’s the

truth and sadly, and I know it,
and sometimes the truth hurts but not as

 much as knowing your biological
father is a killer,  
but just because I'm his daughter doesn't

mean I’m his actions.
But I have made some very bad one’s in
my past.
But I can say that I've learned from what

I've done.  
But knowing that MY father was doing

all that bad stuff and not having remorse
For his actions, just motivates me to do and

be everything he didn't want to
be and everything he wasn't, and in
the end we’ll see who's winning.
But because me and my brother didn’t

have fathers nor a family, we got chosen.
Me and my older brother got chosen by

God himself and that’s something I
am proud to say.
Because God is good, and was there for

me more than any person was ever in
my whole life, he saw the best in me
and gave me a family,
a second chance at living the life my

real father couldn’t provide for me,
and that has been a very big impact on

me and my big brothers life.  
He was and still is the father my dad

couldn’t be and will never be.
And that's the real reason why I’m

happy today.
He has given me more love than any

human ever could.
But I see hm through my mother

because in a child's eyes the parents
are god.
I can say, that I have been through a
of things in my lifetime things that
aren't good things.
But because of all that he has brought

me through
In that process I was able to discover

 something I never knew I was capable
of doing,
which was writing poems,
but not just any poems, strong deep,

truth telling poems about the things
I've been through and writing was a
way for me to channel my anger and
my thoughts
it was way for me a struggling teen to

share with the world my story in writing
How I felt deep down inside, and to let

other young teens who are struggling like me
Not to fear because it gets better in the

end it might not start to show immediately,
but it will surely come, but in order for

 things to get better he wants you to give
up the things you love the most and give
them to him and just trust that he will
bring you through and to just have faith.
And that just because you see others

 doing things that aren't right doesn't
mean follow.
Take action and be a leader.
                           Momentary Relief
                          By Leonie Tollefson

The corners slowly creeped up,
revealing a row of whites.
Pink lips parting,
her smile shown for the world.

A rare beauty, a moment of peace,
for the churning thoughts
in her head.

I had to wonder,
what made her smile so?
What had been said,
that momentarily dissipated
the darkness in her head
and heaviness of her soul?

I suppose it didn't matter,
any smile was a good smile,
a momentary relief.

It brightened the room,
like the sun had decided to just shine on her,
for a moment of time.

But then, as soon as it came,
it vanished once more.
Like night taking over the sky,
her face went back to blank.

And her eyes, oh her eyes,
revealed more than her mouth ever would.
They shined in that way,
when you remember something from long ago;
an unforgettable nightmare.

It rotted the back of her brain,
and destroyed her from the inside out.

Fleeting fragments of smiles,
are the only solace,
her mind feels tonight.
                       Where I’m From
                  By Alexander Okelue

I’m from the struggle.
I’m from a world full of hatred.
I’m from a country who oppresses me
but says we’re all equal.
I’m from a country,
who would rather put money in a war than
my education.
I’m from a country who would rather see me
than flourish.
I’m from a country whose leader
discriminates against people of color,
but claims it as, “Making America great
I’m from a country who has enslaved
millions of my people.
I’m from a country who disregards the
that contributed to their creation.
I’m from a country who pours many of my
to a jail cell for a profit, then calls it mass
I’m from a society that portrays me as
and is blinded by my dark complexion.
I’m from a society who brands me
as a criminal, delinquent, and a felon.
I’m from a society who labels me,
as just another a statistic.
I’m from a society where it's easier for a kid
to get his hands on drugs than a diploma.
I’m from a society where they would rather
lock me up,
than prevent the circumstances that will get
me there.
I’m from a place where the only way to make it
is by running down a field or shooting a ball
through a basket.
I’m from a place where I can’t walk,
without fear of the men in blue.
I’m from place where  I can’t go to a store,
without hearing, “ Excuse me, may I help you.”
I’m from a generation that would rather chase
than progress their neighborhood and

But don’t be mistaken.

I’m from success.
I’m from a world of unity.
I’m from a country who trumps hate with love.
I’m from the land of the free.
I’m from a society who praises the process.
I’m from a place that’s full of perseverance,
determination, and intelligence.
I’m from the generation whose minds will
transform the world forever.
I’m from a home that cares and nourishes me.
I’m from a home whose standard is only
I’m from a mindset that thrives off of the hunger
for knowledge and greatness.
I’m from driving through trials and tribulations
and striving through the world of temptations
I’m from the long history of Kings and Queens.
I’m from the strong roots of Nigeria.
I’m from a place,
where we don’t let our situation bring us down,
but lift us up.
I’m from defying all odds set against me, that
would make me fall, but I rise.