It’s My Time to Shine
For most of my life, I have felt different than other
people. I always felt like I thought differently and
held different beliefs than most people. For
example, when I was very young, I knew when
people where sick.  I learned quickly that you
cannot just blurt out this information. So I
stopped saying it, but I still knew. As I grew up I
tried to fit in. Eventually, I became very good at
blending in. However, I realized that fitting in did
not provide lasting happiness, abundance, love
not even self-love.

Sometimes you want to change your life and/or
sometimes something comes along and your
life changes.  My change or call to action came
about when I did another “big-chop” on my hair, to cut out the remaining color. I love the cut, the style and it
is less maintenance.  Here’s the change, a couple of days after this hair transformation, I decided I really
needed the life that went with my new look.

“It’s impossible,” said pride.  “It’s risky,’ said experience. “It’s pointless,” said reason.  “Give it a try,”
whispered the HEART.” — Unknown

I have, finally, decided to follow the path that my heart wants to go in. I began thinking outside the box and
questioning myself. I felt ready to release my old belief systems and to defy a few social norms. In the past
few months, I have written, talked about and meditated on change a lot and now it’s my time to shine.  My
time to do, be, and have the life I have been wanting, waiting for, by being my authentic self.

I felt like I was breathing fresh air into my stagnant soul, I felt alive again, traveling excitedly down a road
despite the uncertainty existing around me.  “What does this new me want to do”, I asked. And you might
ask, “What does this have to do with me?”

Since I was in my 20s, I have been reading, studying, and practicing a number of different spiritual
philosophies and techniques. The skills and knowledge I acquired through my formal education (Bachelor’
s degree in Psychology and my Master’s in Education) combined with my spiritual knowledge and expertise
to provide information will move me in exciting new and different ways.

My first goal is to begin assisting others through physical issues, by providing my “energy work” or healing
skills (I have been a Reiki Master since 1983) to more than just family and friends, on a professional basis.
My “Energy Work” will be available, to you by an appointment for a healing session.  Although my healing
foundation is Reiki, I have “super-charged” this technique with spiritual/angelic guidance.  A typical session
lasts about 30 minutes. You remain seated and I do not have to touch you.  For more information please
refer to my website.

Next, I want to provide you with different/non-traditional ways to find more answers in your life; to find ways to
make your life easier, to find more self-satisfaction, peace, love, abundance, and balance for your mind,
body and spiritual connections, to assist you with leading the life you came here to live; to be the best
person you can be.  More specifically, I will be sharing information, inspiration, tips and techniques about
such areas as: karma, reincarnation, numerology, color energy, crystals/stones, clearing and/or creating
energies and more.  I will accomplish this through my newspaper column, social media (including how-to
videos coming soon) and live seminars/workshops.   

To paraphrase Albert Einstein, most people keep doing the same things over and over again, and expecting
different results. Here’s your chance to learn how to break out of that cycle.

“Your current situation does NOT have to be your final destination.” — Unknown

How do we take our spiritual practice and live it every day?

You do not have to jump into a spiritual lifestyle all at once.  I have tried many different, tips, tricks,
techniques, teachings, etc., over the years.  Some I have kept, some I grew out of, and some just did not
resonate with me. Everything is not for everybody, however there is something for everyone.  It can be your
time too. You can learn and be inspired by the information and hands-on-techniques provided to you, more
than enough to get you started and keep you on “your” path.

How can you find out more?  Take a deep breath, exhale slowly, take a leap of faith and/or just follow me at:




Business Number: 608-218-4160