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As we seem to cruise right through Black History Month, I do want to give a shout out to the KRASS production of Trouble in Mind, the play by Alice Childress that
Dr. Sandra Adell has been trying to get produced in Madison for years. It is an excellent play that has attracted some very capable actors to perform in Adell’s
directorial debut.

I have been fortunate to be a witness to Trouble in Mind taking shape. I sat through a read through as the actors completed the memorization of their lines and then
attended the dress rehearsal the day before opening night. The play is so well-written and the actors are so absorbed in their characters that it makes Adell’s vision for
the play come to life. I found myself chuckling and downright laughing during portions of the play and speechless as the play’s dramatic ending unfolded. It is a play
that I highly recommend you to see.

The play took me back to over a decade ago when the Madison Repertory Theater was still in existence and went on a hot streak of producing several plays about
equity and had true multicultural casts. If I recall, they seemed to produce one August Wilson play per year. I remember their production of Fences starring Roscoe
Orman. The Madison Rep did a great job of bringing in regional and national African American talent and giving local actors a try as well.
Children’s Theater of Madison was another local production company that would do at least one African American-oriented plays per year.

And Patrick Sims used to do at least an annual production including 10 Perfect about the life of James Cameron before he left the UW-Madison theater department to
assume his chief diversity officer and vice-provost duties as the head of UW-Madison DDEEA.-
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FEBRUARY 25, 2019
Trouble In Mind
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