Vol. 15  No. 4
February 2
4, 2020
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The Naked
by Jamala Rogers
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by Jonathan
2020 Census and More
But the following thought occurred to me the other day after attending the Madison/Dane County 2020 Census kickoff and I wrote about it on
“I have been doing research on 2020 Census and interviewing people from different communities of color who talked about unease with the government asking for
information and "strange" people coming to their doors, which makes perfect sense. But recently the Trump Administration has announced its talk with the
government of Laos about sending "certain" Hmong and Lao refugees back to Laos. It has also announced plans to send tactical members of the Border Patrol to
"sanctuary" cities to aid in picking up people for deportation. I can't help but feel that Trump is weaponizing immigration policy to suppress the Census results in urban
areas, many of which trend Democratic and need full Census counts in order to provide basic services and maintain representation in Congress. The Trump actions
timelines greatly overlap the time when the Census is going on. We must be strong.”

I don’t think it is a coincidence that the Trump administration announced its intentions regarding Hmong immigrants and the intent to send Border Patrol personnel to
sanctuary cities. Trump was stopped by federal courts in adding a citizenship question to the 2020 Census, which he intended to use to discourage immigrants —
documented and undocumented — from completing the 2020 Census forms.

I wouldn’t be surprised of Trump were trying to drive down the immigrant and Hmong vote. Many Immigrants live in urban areas or areas that have a tendency to
vote Democratic i.e. California and Minnesota and yes Wisconsin. By driving down the tally, Trump and the Republicans would benefit because it would increase the
chances that areas that tend to vote Republican would pick up electoral votes — and seats in the House of Representatives — and receive more federal aid, which
Republicans profess to abhor, but quickly gobble up.

And so, there is a lot at stake in this year’s Census. Madison and Dane County have relatively large immigrant communities from Latin America, Africa and Asia. I
hope that they don’t listen to the bullying actions of Donald Trump and still respond to the 2020 Census. The Census information cannot be cross-listed with other
federal databases because no names and social security numbers are used. It is a pure count that tries to express who America is. Not participating in the Census
means that we all get an incomplete picture and resources diverted because of the inaccurate count.

And we do have a lot at stake. Our neighborhood centers and agencies like the Urban League of Greater Madison and Centro Hispano indirectly receive federal funds
from the city of Madison and the Latino Chamber of Commerce receives federal funds through Dane County.
The Naked
by Jamala Rogers
In between physical copies of The Capital City Hues every two weeks, I sometimes — okay almost all the
time — make posts on Facebook about primarily national issues. Donald Trump has definitely given
newspaper and other journalists a lot of material. I’m sure that Trump is fulfilling his narcissistic