Vol. 16  No. 4
February 22, 2021
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The Naked
by Jamala Rogers
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by Jonathan
A Friend and a Vaccine
the loss of Milele. Both of these icons were my friends. They kept the relationship between Beloit and Madison strong because they knew the importance of our city
histories and the dual complexities.

I was proud to be the ‘conduit’ for that connection.

So I’m not sure when John’s subscription for me ended, but after this runs out, I most likely can’t continue! I’ve enjoyed the publication immensely and thank you.
Today is historic, at least in part. Kamala Harris is Vice-President.
Take Care,
Wanda Sloan”

I have known Wanda since the 1990s when we were both involved in the NAACP, she in Beloit and I in Madison. Wanda was also employed at Blackhawk Technical
Center and always sponsored wonderful Black History Month celebrations at the school. And so, we have stayed in touch throughout the years. I really like Wanda
because she has always been down for the cause, very consistent in her passion for civil rights, never using it as a means for her own personal ends. It is the Wanda
Sloans of the world who kept the movement going on a day-to-day basis regardless of the ebb and flow of the movement.

And Wanda, I have you personally covered the next time your subscription comes up in 2022. Thank you for all of your service all of these years!

I went and got my first COVID-19 vaccine shot on February 18th at the GHC administrative offices, which has been turned into a COVID-19 vaccine center. Even
though I am have been out and about doing stories for The Capital City Hues since last March — always taking photos outside from six feet away and conducting
phone interviews — I didn’t even want to pretend that I was deserving of a vaccine shot before folks my age, 68-years-old, were entitled to a shot.
When I read about the people pretending they were elderly to get vaccine shots reminded me about a movie about the Titanic where a wealthy man dressed up like a
woman so that he could get on a lifeboat. --
The Naked
by Jamala Rogers
An Essay by
Carmelle Theola
N. Massamba from
the Republic of
Congo -
“Happy New Year and I hope you are staying healthy! Enclosed is payment for CCH, but not sure how this will work. I’m devastated by the
death of John Odom. He was my mentor, friend and respected colleague for years. We had just spoken together the week prior to that
dreadful phone call. He had paid the cost of CCH for me because he knew how much I loved it. He also knew how much I was grieving over
Just Us
By Kwame Salter
Impeachment Implications
By  State Representative Shelia Stubbs
I received a letter along with a check for a subscription renewal from Wanda Sloan in late January. It’s
been sitting on my desk since that time as I was unsure of what I would do with it. And so I decided to just
reprint it in my column.