UW-Madison to Hold 10th Annual
Reception Honoring Outstanding
Women of Color
The tenth annual class of Outstanding Women of Color awardees will be honored at a reception on Thursday, Feb. 22 from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in
the Alumni Lounge of the Pyle Center, 716 Langdon Street. The event to celebrate this year’s honorees is open to the campus and community.
To register for this year's event, go to Outstanding Women of Color Reception Class of 2017.

In a campus tradition dating back to 2007-2008, the celebration of women who share their exceptional scholarship with the campus and
community through their dedicated work, outreach and impact was an outgrowth of a similar award launched by UW System in 1994.
Replicated by retired UW-Madison Assistant Vice Chancellor Ruby Paredes, more than 50 UW-Madison women of color have been honored in
the past decade by their nominators, colleagues.

“We will continue to honor these women who emerge from an extremely talented and incredible field of nominees,” said Patrick J. Sims, Vice
Provost and Chief Diversity Officer.  “The Outstanding Women of Color Reception is among the most joyous annual traditions on campus,
where we give accolades to women who would never ask for praise, or place any condition on their above and beyond service. Everyone
should come and experience their wisdom, strength and tenacity, as well as to meet their incredible support systems.”

This year’s six honorees include:
•        Christy Clark-Pujara, Associate Professor of History, Department of Afro-American Studies.
•        Taucia Gonzalez, Assistant Professor of Special Education, Department of Rehabilitation, Psychology and Special Education
•        Beverly Hutcherson, Outreach and Communications Manager, Diversity and Inclusion and Career Pathways Coordinator at the School of
Medicine and Public Health
•        Helen Lee, Assistant Professor of Glass, Department of Art
•        Barbara Nichols, Former Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing
•        Brianna Young, current senior, UW-Madison School of Nursing

The UW-Madison Outstanding Women of Color Awards acknowledge and honor women of color among UW-Madison faculty, staff, students
(undergraduate or post-baccalaureate) and in the Greater Madison community, who have made outstanding contributions in one or more of the
following areas:
•        Social justice, activism and advocacy on behalf of disadvantaged, marginalized populations;
•        Community service;
•        Scholarly research, writing, speaking and/or teaching on race, ethnicity and indigeneity in U.S. society, and;
•        Community building on- or off-campus, to create an inclusive and respectful environment for all.

In 2007, UW-Madison launched an annual program of awards to women of color for outstanding service in higher education following in the
footsteps of the UW System, which began their program of celebrating such women in 1994. The System has suspended their program, but UW-
Madison has decided to continue honoring women of color doing extraordinary work on campus and in the larger Madison community.