The Naked Truth/Jamala Rogers
Dreamers Facing a Nightmare
Jamala Rogers
UW has set up a special office to support its DACA students under the Multicultural Student Center and led by the Undocumented Student Task
Force. Chancellor Blank has publicly supported students on its campus who are now in the throes of racist stupidity because trump wants his
wall along the Mexican border.

It seems like there’s sufficient support and resources for students who are on an upward mobility path by going to college. However, I wonder
about those who are in the shadows of this society — the low wage workers in Wisconsin restaurants, hotels, rich people’s homes, etc. —
who are not as educated or skillful at navigating through the bureaucratic traps. I’m talking about those who have been subjugated to
intentional low wages just because they are undocumented. Who’s publicly advocating for them?

For those who support the inclusion and humanity of all, we should be outraged at the political, cultural, environmental and financial costs of
the trump wall. Estimates range from $20-70 billion to build and about $200 million to maintain annually. Prototypes of the wall have already
being submitted and contractors are chomping at the bit to get their grubby hands on those billions. I know we can find a just and humane
resolution to the immigration concerns and to better spend our hard-earned tax dollars. The Mexican government is not going to pay for this
wall and neither will there be any private dollars coming from big, greedy corporations. This trump pet project is about to blow a hole in
taxpayers’ pockets!

Let’s slow this process down and focus on the important elements — the people, especially the children and youth. This is not just about the
DACA young people. Most of them are directly connected to the millions of other undocumented people who are connected to documented
family members who are connected to non-familial relationships and communities. Such is the nature of the human family.

The border wall is wrong on so many levels. We who believe in freedom must keep our eyes on the prize. The prize? The actualization of a
democratic society that values and protects all life, and that is invested in the well-being and full development of all people.
How do we despise trump? Let us count the ways!

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, better known as DACA, was established by President Obama in 2012.
He created the policy via an executive order after it was painfully clear that Congress would fail to create
legislation to protect children whose parents entered the U.S. without documentation. Last fall, trump rescinded
the policy throwing the lives of nearly 800,000 young people and their families into jeopardy. This action is scary.
So is trump.

It’s hard for any state to have an accurate tally, but it’s estimated there are at least 7,600 DACA citizens in
Wisconsin. The University of Wisconsin system does not ask its students about immigration status. There’s a
sizeable chunk of students who are DACA-mented — a clever term created by Dreamers — who will be negatively
impacted by the recension of the policy.