The 23rd Annual Delta Sigma Theta
Sorority’s Heart & Soul Scholarship Fundraiser
The Serious Business of
Community Service
The Delta Sigma Theta Sorority’s Heart & Soul Co-Chair Kiana
McCoy (l-r) and Madison
Alumnae Chapter President Terri Strong
event, the King Coalition co-chair Gloria Hawkins is a member of our sorority. She always wants us to be present. We had a strong presence
and helped with the collection. I’ll tell you. When we walked in there this time, the Overture Center usher said, ‘Now who are all of you? I heard
you say ushering.’ I think they thought we were taking their jobs. We were all in our red walking in there. That was pretty funny. I guess we
have a pretty strong presence. When I finally explained to him that we were there to just collect the money, he was like, ‘Okay. We just want to
make sure what is going on.’ We serve.”

In February, they keep up the pace with the African American College & HBCU Fair put on in conjunction with Madison College and Edgewood

“Our HBCU Fair will be held in conjunction with Madison College and Edgewood College on February 23rd, Strong said. “We have been
involved the past 4-5 years. We usually get well over 300 high school students to attend. These kids are hungry for information about our
historically Black colleges and universities because they don’t get it anywhere else. They don’t get the opportunity to go on the college tours.
Thank goodness that we have a significant number of individuals here who have gone to HBCUs and can give that information and talk about
their experience and talk about the college.”

In March, the Deltas will be represented in the Nation’s Capitol.

“We have Delta Days at the Nation’s Capitol coming up March 10-13,” Strong said. “There is going to be a delegation of about 10-15 Deltas from
the state of Wisconsin going there to meet with our legislators and talk about issues that we are concerned about. There will be three from the
Madison Alumnae chapter who will be attending. We need to make sure that they understand our point-of-view even though we may be in
opposition about our missions.”

And of course the signature event for the Deltas during this time is the 23rd Annual Heart & Soul Scholarship Fundraiser where it’s the
community’s time to come out and support the Delta’s mission. This year’s event is being held February 10th at Madison College-Truax.

“We are planning for 175-200 attendees,” said Kiana McCoy, the chair for this year’s event. “Our theme for the night is Harlem Nights: A
Crimson & Crème Affair, which is really exciting. We’ll have feathers and boas. We want to get people excited to contribute to a worthy cause
and help us to help our students here in Madison. We will recognize three people or organizations with the Community Impact Awards. We’re
really excited about that. The honorees are Sagashus Levingston for her Infamous Mothers books that she published empowering mothers who
have overcome insurmountable personal challenges and are now making a positive difference in their circles of influence. We have Men’s
Health and Wellness Center with Aaron Perry, which is out at JP’s and is providing innovative health solution to improving the health and
wellness of African American Men in Dane County. And we also have JoAnne Brown for her distinguished contributions and in particular her
advocacy work at Madison Memorial High School for students of color.”

Strong is pleased with this year’s honorees.

“I like to keep it at that grassroots level, not always recognizing everyone that gets recognized,” Strong said. “We want to recognize the folks
who are at that grassroots level who are really making it happen. What they are contributing to our community is invaluable. And we don’t
always hear about that. We do, but we don’t. We need to celebrate the folks who are on the front lines every day.”

Heart & Soul will also feature music provided by DJ Ace and gourmet treats prepared by the Madison College culinary school.

The Deltas hope to raise $8,000 this year through sponsorships, ticket sales and a first ever raffle of goods and services donated by area

“We like to party with a purpose,” Strong emphasized. “We can guarantee a great time. We just need people to come out. And usually people do
come out. We usually get a barrage of interest that last week or so. We’re hoping that it happens.”

As if to emphasize its commitment to service, the Deltas will incorporate a school supplies drive with the fundraiser.

“We are doing a school supply drive for a school in Ghana through our International Awareness and Involvement Committee,” Strong said.
“One of the newest members of our sorority, Regina Fuller, has a lot of international connections. She does a lot of international travel. And it’s
also part of her Ph.D. curriculum. This school is in desperate need of the most basic supplies, things we take for granted.”

Support the Deltas who support the community. That’s their business.

Tickets are $35 for adults, $25 for students and $50 for couples. Tickets may be purchased from any Delta member or at their website,
By Jonathan Gramling

The Delta Sigma Theta Sorority’s Madison Alumnae Chapter is a hard-
working group of African American women dedicated to serving the
community. And each year, it seems that they cram a whole year’s worth
of service into the first three months of the year, never a dull moment.

It all kicks off with the King Holiday celebration. The Deltas seem to be
present at every event, always in support of the sponsors of King
Holiday events.

“Some of us went to the “I have a Dream” Ball on Saturday night,” said
Terri Strong, president of the Madison Alumnae chapter. “We actually
work that weekend starting with the Urban League’s King Outstanding
Young Person Breakfast. We’re there at 7 a.m. serving food and doing
whatever they need us to do. Plus they allow us to present our creative
writing award winners. And then Monday is our big day. We work at the
King Tribute & Ceremony at the State Capitol. We usher and do a little
crowd control. We have a strong presence there. We also host the
reception for the dais guests and guest speaker. Africasong recognized
for our 10 plus years of service to that event. It was just an honor. We
humbly accepted the recognition and the award. And then at the evening