Youth Volunteerism with Katy Johnson, Leigha Casper and Sam, a high school student, was an interactive workshop where students were able to use their smart
phones to interact and take part in real time surveys. They discussed their passions and how to turn those into ways to give back to the community.

Following the workshops, students had the chance to stretch their legs and get their creative juices flowing as they created signs to be used during their march
from the Madison Municipal Building to the Overture Center where they would participate in Freedom Singing in the Rotunda prior to the King Coalition’s 34th Annual
City-County King Holiday Observance.

“We wanted to tie the Youth Day of Service to something that was happening in the community so the young people could get a sense of all that was going on during
the day itself,” Schilcher shared.

West High Schools Drum Corp lead the procession, which was high energy and interactive. Signs saying “Honk for Dr. King” encouraged passing traffic to show
their support and each honk received shouts of excitement from the young marchers as they were recognized.