Jamala Rogers
The Naked Truth/Jamala Rogers
The People Are Taking Back Their Democracy
Next month, I’ll be a panelist at the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center conference. I’ll be joined by another panelist from Michigan. We will talk about how our ballot
initiatives had decisive wins in our respective states. These efforts are part of a prairie fire that is sweeping across a country that has been truly trumpatized.

In Missouri, one of our big ballot wins was Amendment 1 which had two goals. One was to get corporate money out of politics, limiting gift amounts to lobbyists, etc.
The other goal was to draft a fair and equitable map based upon the U.S. Census.

In Michigan, Proposition 2 aka Voters Not Politicians also anticipated some politricking around redistricting. Their slogan appropriately proclaimed that “voters
should choose their politicians, not the other way around.” Like the Show-Me State, Michigan will create a redistricting committee to decide on boundaries.

Both ballot initiatives received clear and powerful mandates from voters. In Missouri the measure won in every senate district.  Supporters of the initiatives did the
challenging work in the field to educate and persuade voters of what’s ahead for our families and communities if we don’t take the reins.

When we look at what’s happening in Wisconsin and the political shenanigans being pulled by the GOP to undercut the incoming governor, there’s only one thing we
must do. We must get better organized!
Tony Evers job as governor got harder when the Good Ole Boys in the Grand Ole Party
decided they need to make changes in the law to reduce his authority and power. The
despicable action is being replicated around the country.

Do you see where this is going? It’s going to be a stand-off to save this fragile, not quite
developed democracy. The People must be the victors.

Finally, the Democrats paid serious attention to the thunderous demand from its
constituencies: No more abuse of power! No more favoritism for the rich and elite!
Raise up working families! Save the democracy!

The Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives recently introduced HR 1 based
upon its curiously named “For the People” platform. The Party crafted the reform
platform months ago that includes provisions from public financing of elections to voter

The platform seems bold enough, but the Democratic agenda always has been
progressive. It’s the activators of the platform who buckle in the face of the bullying
Republicans. Too often, the Democratic elected officials forget who they’re fighting for
and why.

Our adversaries don’t sleep. They work 24/7 to think of ways to repress, oppress and
suppress us and to keep their proverbial foot on our necks.

Before we could finish our victory lap, the Republican leaders in the Missouri House
have already announced they will repeal Amendment 1. No, they’re not tone deaf to
voters; they just don’t give a damn about what we think or do.

Our campaign has been forced to reset and be renamed. It’s now called Defend the
Win and that’s exactly what we intend to do. For the People.