Vol. 15  No. 2
January 27, 2020
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The Naked
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The King Holiday and More
Demetri died late last year. And although he spent most of his life living in Madison, working in the Dept. of Administration and the WI Dept.
of Transportation on Affirmative Action and other civil rights issues, he had “retired” and moved to Normal-Bloomington to pursue a master’s
degree in art, one of his first loves.
I worked with Demetri slightly when I also worked in the DBE Programs Office at WisDOT under Eugene Johnson in the 1990s. And I also did several articles on
Demetri and civil rights issues over the years at The Madison Times and later The Capital City Hues.

Although he could have a stern look on his face, I was always able to joke around with Demetri. He was a funny person behind that civil rights warrior persona. Since
Demetri had moved out of the area and his memorial in Normal, Illinois was on the same weekend as the King Holiday, Eugene and I reached out to the family and the
result is the program mentioned above.

“The Madison Community Remembers and Celebrates the Life and Legacy of Demetri D. Fisher” will be held on Saturday, February 22nd, 1-3 p.m., at the Urban
League’s Southwest Training Center, 1233 McKenna Blvd., across from Elver Park.

There will be music, food, remembrances and thoughts on Demetri’s art and spiritual side. The celebration is open to the public, so if you knew Demetri, please come
out to remember a special person.

If you have any questions, please email me at
As always, the King Holiday weekend was such an enjoyable — if exhausting —weekend. It started out with the Free Community Dinner, which was attended by the
diehards and the lucky. A UW-Madison hockey game was being held at the Kohl Center across the street from Gordon Dining & Event Center, where the dinner was

When my son and I were driving to it around 5 p.m., there was a driving snow storm and all of the street parking was taken and public parking devoted to the hockey
game at $15 per stall. After circling for around 30 minutes, we headed home. I don’t miss many of those and I hate that I missed this year.

One has to admire folks like the King Coalition led by Dr. Gloria Hawkins and Ed Lee who have been co-chairs for over 20 years. Year in and year out, they always
put on a high-class and meaningful celebration, from Friday night, into Sunday with the Ecumenical Service and into the actual holiday with the Call to Service for
young people and the Madison-Dane County King Holiday Observance. --
The Naked
by Jamala Rogers
Before I get into this issue’s column, I just want to let people know that Bishop Eugene Johnson. Vincent
Fisher, Shirley Fisher-Brown and Dr. Ruben Anthony Jr. are planning “The Madison Community
Remembers and Celebrates the Life and Legacy of Demetri D. Fisher.”
40 Years of Celebrating
King's Legacy
By Angelica