Vol. 16  No. 2
January 25, 2021
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The Naked
by Jamala Rogers
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Sedition and Other Things
But it is also a demanding time in the non-profit accounting world when the prior fiscal year needs to be closed and the new fiscal year
requires budgets and contracts. All of this was made more intense due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 when small pots of money became
available here and there and special fundraising was conducted to meet the immediate material needs of the economically-challenged among
us. And then there were the SBA PPP loan applications and the loan forgiveness applications and the new round of PPP loans that are becoming available. All of this
requires some kind of financial computations and reporting.

And then there is the commencement of the 2021 election season, which is witnessing a record number of candidates of color running on the municipal and county
levels. There are two Madison school board races and only two candidates who happen to be people of color. When is the last time that ever happened? And with the
record number of candidates, come more requests for me to be the treasurer of campaigns. I ended up being treasurer for three. It could have been more.

And so I don’t know how this column is going to turn out because I’ve been doing a whole lot of doing and not a whole lot of thinking the past two weeks.

I am happy that I write more about COVID-19 than I do about former President What’s His Name. COVID-19 has been a horrible pandemic that has touched each
and every one of our lives somehow, whether it has been family members, co-workers or long-time friends who were sickened by COVID-19 or died. These have
truly been sad times for all of us.

But I can deal with COVID-19 and work hard to stay positive and safe as I await the new normal — which I hope resembles the old normal — on the other side. But
what I don’t want to deal with is a seditious, narcissistic rich man who has experienced white privilege all of his life moaning around exclaiming how an election was
stolen from him, especially when he was the one in the process of trying to steal an election.

I can’t deal with a former president who has had every whim, large and small, fulfilled by a class of sniveling aides whose sense of patriotism goes no further than
their own narrow interests and it still isn’t enough.

I can’t deal with a former president whose sense of entitlement is so high and self-consuming that anything that doesn’t feed that sense of entitlement is deemed to be
a lie or against the interests of the United States. --
The Naked
by Jamala Rogers
I’m not sure how this column is going to turn out. The end of January is always an intense time for me
as the King Holiday, Black History Month and Women’s History Month and issues in between end up
being large issues for us, relatively speaking.
Pushing for School
(Funding) Reform
Just Us
By Kwame Salter
*  Now What?