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Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Luther King Jr., because, as a devoted leader, he lived his commitment to justice for African Americans in the United
States and he gave his life for that noble commitment. His life gave evidence that everyone and anyone can also work for
justice, and that our mistakes don’t have to keep us from rising above our human frailties.

Madison joins the nation in honoring the legacy of Rev. King with a variety of programs designed to highlight various
aspects of his leadership. The kick-off for the weekend focuses on Rev. King’s dedication to alleviating poverty.  The free
dinner on Friday at UW Madison’s Gordon Common has a performance by Madison Music Makers and a free shuttle bus
service from the YWCA and Grace Episcopal Church, and is open to all and gives the wonderful opportunity for fellowship
for people of all ages and backgrounds in Madison. The 35th Annual Youth Recognition Breakfast on Sunday morning at
Edgewood High School celebrates and honors young students for their academic achievement, extracurricular activities
and most importantly, service to their community.  This wonderful breakfast attracts as many of 800 participants and
presents Outstanding Young Person Awards to as many as 200 middle and high school students of color in Dane
County. Tickets are $10.00.  

For the second year, Sherman Avenue United Methodist Church presents also on Sunday morning, The Northside Dr.
Martin Luther King Jr. celebration, “MLK: Jesus’ Dream.” Reverend David Hart is the speaker and there will also be youth
speakers, choirs and prose that celebrates the Christian ministry of Rev. King.
It is 2019 and unfortunately, there are not many leaders that remain
our heroes and heroines like the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King
Jr., and the many people who participated in the Civil Rights
Movement. Last year witnessed a huge celebration in Memphis and
around the country because it was the 50th anniversary of the
Sanitation Strike in Memphis. That strike by African American
sanitation workers against the city of Memphis is what compelled
Reverend King to support these men’s quest for equal rights and
pay in the workplace and why he was assassinated in Memphis. In
the ensuing years, Rev. King’s birthday was made into a national
holiday, with numerous books, plays, and other memorabilia that
honored him. There were also his distractors that fixated on flaws in
his personal life.  I love the memory of the Reverend Dr. Martin
Monday is a triple Rev. Dr. King celebration at
noon in the Capitol Rotunda with the annual
state of Wisconsin “Tribute & Ceremony” in
the Capitol Rotunda, at 1 pm in the Madison
Municipal Building with the annual MLK Day
Youth Call to Service and at 6 pm, the
Madison & Dane County observance at the
Overture Center for the Arts. Both speakers
for the morning and evening programs are
women which focuses on the tremendous
contribution of women on the leadership
team of Rev. King and also in the success of
the Civil Rights Movement.  The Greater
Madison Urban League organizes its annual
MLK Day Youth Call to Service.  These
various programs honoring Rev. King invite
us to celebrate the impact of his ministry, his
war against poverty and injustice and his
belief in all of us to become world changers,
and most of all, to remember him with love.