Vol. 13   No. 24
26, 2018
Editor's Corner
by Jonathan Gramling
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Heidi M. Pascual

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Giving Thanks
By the time The Hues’ readership peruses this column — I always hope —
Thanksgiving and all of the weekend football games will have come and
gone. And while I got the chance to spend a few hours with my son and
extended family at my sister Anne’s house, always a good time, almost all
of the four days of the Thanksgiving weekend were spent focused on a
book that I am helping to edit and then on getting this issue of The Hues
completed and sent to the printer on Monday, November 26th.

Nonetheless it is very important to give thanks to those who help you get
the job done and to live your life with a modicum of quality. And on this
day, I have to first say thanks to Diane O’Dair and all of the folks at Wingra
Press because unless they do a great job at printing a beautiful paper, no
matter what we do on our end, it won’t be beautiful. There is an art form to
blending four basic colors to get an infinite variety of colors and for people’
s faces to actually look realistic and not like green creatures from Mars. I
am especially grateful because I was/am two hours late in meeting my press
time and they graciously will fit me in today. If we didn’t get printed today,
it would have been a week before they could fit us in. Thanks Diane!

I am grateful for Heidi Pascual, our associate editor who performs her
duties maintaining our website and formatting our classified ads and
Happening sections. I see Heidi every 2-3 years, on average, because she
has lived in The Philippines for the past eight years. And yet she is rarely
late with her sections and is someone I can count on — she has my back
— without saying a word. I am blessed that I don’t have to supervise Heidi
and she still gets her quality work done every two weeks and has been
doing that for almost 13 full years. Heidi, you’re a gem.
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by Heidi M. Pascual
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